Frequently asked Questions



What is the age range for KikinGrass?

6+. Fun for all ages and skill levels!


How big are the goals?

The goals are roughly 17.5" wide by 14" tall.  These goal posts are much smaller than an official league size soccer goal. Compared to other backyard pop-up style soccer games, KikinGrass goal posts are staked into the ground, and are designed not to tip over. 


Can you use a full size Soccer Ball?

Yes, KikinGrass can be played with any size soccer ball.

What size ball does the game come with?

All game sets come with a youth size 3 ball.


Can the goal posts be used in sand at the beach?

Yes, KikinGrass goal posts work great at the beach!


Are there any soccer training benefits?

Yes, coaches often use the goal posts for drills during soccer practice for teaching accuracy and ball control. Check out our YouTube channel for demonstrations.


What is the ball gets stuck in the net, does the score count?

Please reference the "How to Play" section of our website for more details. If you are playing "Kikin 21" ,  the team earns one point if the ball comes to rest while touching the net.  If you are playing "GRASS", a player remains scoreless if the ball comes to rest while touching the net. 


Can you score by kicking through the back side of the goal?

Yes, you can score through the goal in either direction.


Can we buy the goal posts in bulk quantities?

Yes, please send an inquiry to


Can you stop the ball after your teammates kick and do not make the shot?

You decide whether or not to allow this. Some like to play where the ball comes to rest, while others like to attempt to hit the ball as it's moving.


Can you private label the goal posts with specific colors and team logo?

Yes, please send an inquiry to Minimum order quantities may apply.