Kikin' 21

Kikin’ 21 is a 2 v 2 game, first team to get 21 points, WINS!  Start by placing the goals 10 yards apart.  Too easy?  Move the goals further apart.  Teammates stand by a goal facing each other. 

There are 3 ways to score:

  1. The first player from team 1 attempts to kick the ball from behind their goal and toward the goal their teammate is standing by (10 yards away).  Kick the ball through the goal opposite of you and completely clear the net to score your team 3 points. 
  2. On the attempt, if the ball hits the goal or does not completely clear the grass, your team scores 1 point.
  3. As a player attempts a kick toward the goal opposite of them, their teammate can assist by redirecting the ball (as it's moving) through the front or back of the goal for a score. Only one touch is allowed by the teammate. If the kick is made, and completely clears the grass, the team scores 2 points.

A turn is over once any score is made, or once their teammate misses on an assisted attempt.

A team will play "down and back" before shifting to the opposing team.  

First team to 21 points exactly, wins! 

If a team goes over 21, or if tied after the same amount of turns, scores go down to 13 and play continues until a team wins.

Scoring with KikinGrass® is as easy as 1, 2, 3 


Just like playing horse on the driveway. 

Set up your KikinGrass® goal posts in the yard, sports field or beach. 

The first player picks a shot by placing the ball somewhere around the goal. 

To score, kick the ball through the goal and completely clear the net.

If the goal is made the next opponent must make the same shot. If the opponent misses, they receive a "letter".  Following a miss, the next player chooses a new shot location. 

If a player has missed 5 shots, and has been awarded all five letters (G-R-A-S-S) then they are eliminated from the game. 

Last player standing?  You’re the winner!

Hot Shot

Feeling it?  Hot Shot is for any amount of players.

Start 5 yards away from a goal and make it. Move back a couple yards with each make.

Miss and your out.

Test your skills and see how far you can go!